Podcast with David Tollen & PracticeLeague LegalTech


David Tollen and Rohan Khanna of PracticeLeague LegalTech recently chatted about Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Profession. The podcast is available on PCCounsel here. Our thanks to PracticeLeague and Rohan for hosting this lively, timely discussion.

For a lot more on the subject, check out David’s upcoming webinar with Tech Contracts Academy, AI in the Legal and Contracting Professions: Today and Tomorrow. More information and registration is available here. In this one hour webinar on November 16, David will address what lawyers, contract managers, and other legal professionals need to know about this technology change. We’ll look at current and near-future AI solutions, and do something unusual: assess AI by looking into the past – into the history of technology. Join us as David consider what our jobs may look like in 5 and 10 years … and further into the future.  

David founded Tech Contracts Academy, a professional training company, to bring confidence and expertise to professionals responsible for technology contracts. Tech Contracts Academy offers public trainings (webinars, Tech Contracts Master Classes™, and our new offering – Tech Contracts Academy On-Demand) and in-house training (for just your team) to help keep students’ IT contracting skills sharp. Our next Master Class series begins November 7. And our website offers free resources including topical articles and sample contract language

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