About Tech Contracts Academy®

Our Founder, Your Teacher

David W. Tollen is one of the industry’s leading authorities on software licensing and cloud computing agreements. His particular expertise is in making complex topics easy to understand and engaging — and he’s been widely recognized for both.

Our Company

Tech Contracts Academy®, LLC offers training and tools to help companies, government agencies, lawyers, and contract staff do tech contracts better, faster, and with more confidence. We seek to bring clarity to this complex, ever changing area.

Tech Contracts Academy® uses David Tollen’s perennial American Bar Association IP bestseller, The Tech Contracts Handbook, as the foundation for its training and tools. We also rely on David’s forte for taking big, complex topics and making them simple, clear, and user-friendly.

We offer a wide range of courses about IT contracts – our comprehensive Tech Contracts Master Classes™ (four courses, 2 hours each) and our shorter “Focused Topics” (each 1.25 to 1.75 hours). We can also customize courses specifically for in-house teams, to suit their special needs. Scroll down for details.
We deliver our programs in three formats to best fit your needs and schedule:
Master class session in progress


With little or no formal training on tech contracts, many professionals expose themselves and their companies to expensive mistakes. Learn-as-you-go education and a lack of confidence often leave contract negotiations bogged down by uncertainty and open the door to disputes and litigation.
Training and other resources from Tech Contracts Academy® speak in plain English. They give professionals confidence in their knowledge and skills – with the goal doing better deals faster.

California CLE Credit

Tech Contracts Academy is an approved provider for Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) credit in California. Our public programs offer CA CLE; in-house programs vary. Jurisdictions (and professions) may differ on whether students may apply individually for credit, and if so what is required. See here for details about CLE.


To inquire about training with Tech Contracts Academy®, please visit our Contact page.