Tech Contracts Master Class™: Expert Training to Help You Negotiate Contracts Better, Faster, and More Confidently

The Tech Contracts Master Class™ series covers essential clauses in technology contracts. The Master Classes suit lawyers, and businesspeople who draft and negotiate technology contracts, including contract managers, procurement officers, executives, and IT professionals. Taken together, these four courses – two hours each – will prepare you to negotiate contracts about software, cloud services, and artificial intelligence (AI) more efficiently and with more confidence. And they’ll help you avoid the many pitfalls surrounding IT agreements.

Presenter:  Our presenter is David W. Tollen, founder of Tech Contracts Academy® LLC, which provides in-house and public training on drafting and negotiating IT agreements. David is an attorney, instructor at U.C. Berkeley Law School, expert witness, and author of the American Bar Association’s bestseller (and recommended reading for the Master Classes), The Tech Contracts Handbook

Our live January 2024 series (our 11th) has concluded. Our next live public 2024 series dates are TBD. But:

Recorded Master Classes are now available in Tech Contracts On-Demand.

View a summary of the curriculum for all four On-Demand classes here.

And Master Classes are among the options available for in-house training, for just your team.

Live program information:

Registration for each live, public Master Class includes

  1. Live two hour webinar, with Q&A (where our instructor responds live to written questions, time permitting); 
  2. Recordings available for asynchronous viewing upon request for set 30 calendar day period that starts soon after each class;
  3. Copy of program slides
  4. Certificates: General (CLE-styled) certificates for each class, plus individualized Tech Contracts Master Class Certificates of Completion. Individualized certificates are e-mailed after the last class in the series;
  5. 35% discount on purchase (from publisher directly only – of our recommended reading, The Tech Contracts Handbook: Cloud Computing Agreements, Software Licenses, and Other IT Contracts for Lawyers and Businesspeople, 3rd edition (ABA Publishing, 2021), available in e-book and paperback (Following your enrollment, we send you discount code, for just your use, and a link to the ABA’s website);
  6.  CLE: The Master Classes are approved for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit in California.  See here for more information about CLE.
  7. Prior live series curriculum and dates available here.

[Terms and conditions, including pricing, and details of what is provided with registration, differ for Master Classes presented in-house, and On-Demand. For example, no team discounts, or Handbook discounts, are available for On-Demand programs. All programs include access to slides].

Registration for January 2024 series has closed.
We hope you join us for a future live series – meanwhile, check out our offerings available On-Demand.

Live program reminders:

Cost for entire live series is $1,395 (if registering for all at once, which includes automatic 10+% discount). All payments in US Dollars. All program times are Pacific Time (Daylight or Standard, as applicable). Each class is presented once per series. For best value, we recommend you attend them all (for a 10%+ discount: $1,395), but you may select any combination (or one).

Team Discount (live classes): An additional 10% discount is available when 5 or more from a company register to attend all four live, public Master Classes. Contact for details and to arrange for a group discount code to use during enrollment. (Inapplicable to On-Demand). 

Only one discount code/coupon may be used per registration. No retroactive discounts.

Don’t delay! If you are enrolling close to the day of a class, we cannot guarantee processing in time to view the class live (but, recording access is still available for a limited time). Please plan accordingly. If you experience any difficulties completing your order online, please reach out asap to Some international addresses occasionally create problems for the e-commerce platform. If this should occur, we will do our best to find a work-around for you – and will appreciate your patience.

Note about GoToWebinar, our public program platform: When logging into our live class, a software download prompt may appear. You do not need to download GoToWebinar software to access our class – it can be accessed directly, via browser. You can learn more here: Recording access is via GoToStage.

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