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A perennial #1 bestseller from the IP section of the American Bar Association, The Tech Contracts Handbook is for lawyers and business people – anyone responsible for contracts. This “how to” guide uses simple English and examples to cover key issues, negotiation tips and sample contract language.


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Your limit of liability might not work on your indemnity

The parties to IT contracts generally agree that the limit of liability (LoL) won’t apply to indemnities. After all, if one party takes responsibility for a third party lawsuit against the other – a tech contract’s typical third party indemnity – why would that responsibility suddenly end? If the vendor

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Third Party Indemnities (in the Michael/Donald contract)

IT indemnities almost always address third party claims. That generates confusion, and contract-drafters often don’t even realize they misunderstand. Most clauses address the relationship between the parties. But in an indemnity against third party claims, the indemnitor isn’t liable to the other party (unless it breaches the indemnity). A third

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Don’t grant a fault-based indemnity

I think it’s a mistake to indemnify against claims resulting from indemnitor negligence or other wrongdoing. Indemnities against 3rd party claims usually specify the claims in question. They list IP claims, subcontractor compensation claims, or whatever. It doesn’t matter whether the indemnitor did something wrong under the typical clause. The

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