In-House Training

Our in-house programs are designed for teams, of 3-35 people. Thorough and customizable, options range from an hour and a half to several days. Your team can ask industry expert David Tollen questions, and discuss. 

Examples (see below for more details): Tech Contracts Master Classes; New Artificial Intelligence Contracts (key clauses separating artificial intelligence contracts from other software agreements, particularly re generative AI); the Indeminar; Tech Contracts Select; Tech Contracts Customized.

David generally delivers these programs via video conference (but let us know if you’d prefer in-person, which if available will require additional fees). 

For more information about in-house training programs, including potential Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) credit, and fees, please contact us.

Key Topics Include:

The job of the contract drafter; indemnities; warranties; limitation of liability; service level agreements (SLAs); data management and security; software licenses; SAAS and other cloud services subscriptions; statements of work; software ownership transfers; schedules and milestones; delivery, acceptance, and rejection; disaster recovery; feedback rights; technology escrow; amendment: unilateral and otherwise; choice of law and jurisdiction; technical specifications; IP and commercial law; open source software; non-compete and non-solicitation.

In-house courses currently available for teams are:



Tech Contracts Master Classes

8 hours

In four video conference sessions, 2 hours each, we cover clauses typical of IT contracts:

o Prime Clauses: License, Subscription, IP Transfer, Payment
o General Clauses: Data Management, SLAs, Confidentiality, and other General Clauses
o Key Liability Terms: Including Indemnities, Warranties, and Limits of Liabilities
o End Game and Special Clauses: Disputes, Termination, Special Terms, and OSS

(For more details about Tech Contracts Master Classes, see the Master Class section of our public Training page:

Tech Contracts Select

3 hours, 25 minutes

Approx. 12 vital clauses selected in consultation w/ customer

2-3 video conference sessions

AI Contracts

1 hour, 30 minutes

Key clauses separating artificial intelligence contracts from other software agreements, particularly re generative AI

1 video conference session

The “Indeminar”

2 hours

Understanding indemnity clauses at an expert level –navigating the least understood terms in IT contracts

1 video conference session

(FYI, a shorter version of the Indeminar is sometimes offered as a public webinar. Information about public webinars is available here:

Tech Contracts Customized E.g., customized version of the Tech Contracts Master Classes; mix and match clauses and options to suit customer needs
Annual Subscription Anywhere from four to twelve one-hour sessions spread across one year

Topics chosen by customer; recommended topics include those covered in other courses

Either standalone or as follow-on to other courses

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