Upcoming Trainings from Tech Contracts Academy – Including About AI Contracts

During the past year, interest in – and worries about – AI have surged. With an eye on issues unique to contracts for artificial intelligence (AI), we’ve incorporated generative and other AI into our tech contract trainings – offering some new classes, and enhancing old favorites. We will cover AI (among plenty of other tech contracting topics) in our two fall Tech Contracts Master Class series, webinars, and a new in-house class. And, David Tollen provides complimentary content about AI contracts, including a LinkedIn Live conversation coming up on August 17, a recent podcast interview, and articles.

We hope you will join us.

Artificial Intelligence Contracts Offerings

Our offerings addressing AI contracts include:

  • AI Contracts Blog Posts (Free at TechContracts.com) Check out the Articles section of our website for blogs relevant to tech contracting – including David Tollen’s new series, Artificial Intelligence Contracts: An Issue Spotter (Parts 1 to 3).



  • Podcast Interview (Free Recording Access)
    The Law Subscribed podcast recently invited David Tollen to speak about AI and other technologies impacting contracting. His wide-ranging interview with host Matt Kerbis addresses the future of legal practice. But the conversation goes further and covers the way major technologies reshaped historic societies and what that says about our future.
    You can listen to the episode here.


  • AI Contracts – New offering for in-house training customers
    Our in-house programs are designed for teams, of 3-35 people. Thorough and customizable, options range from an hour and a half to several days. Your team can ask industry expert David Tollen questions, and discuss. In our newest offering – AI Contracts – David will cover the key clauses separating artificial intelligence contracts from other software agreements, particularly regarding generative AI. The class includes one video session for you and your team.
    Contact [email protected] to receive an in-house training brochure to learn more about AI Contracts and other classes, including pricing.


Master Classes: Fall Series (Sept. & Nov./Dec.)

Taken together, our four Tech Contracts Master Classes will prepare you to negotiate contracts about software, cloud services, and professional services more confidently and efficiently, and help you avoid common pitfalls. And, we’ve added new content about AI contracts: Wondering about IP rights in outputs, training data and prompts? Liability for errors (“hallucinations”), infringement, and misuse of private information? Join David Tollen to explore these and other key tech contracting topics.

Prime Clauses: License, Subscription, IP Transfer, Payment (Sept. 7, Nov. 7)
General Clauses: Data Management, SLAs, Confidentiality, and other General Clauses (Sept. 14, Nov. 14)
Key Liability Terms: Including Indemnities, Warranties, and Limits of Liability (Sept. 21, Nov. 28) 
End-Game & Special Clauses: Disputes, Termination, Special Terms, and OSS (Sept. 28, Dec. 5)

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Upcoming Webinars

For more information about webinars, click button below.

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CLE. Tech Contracts Master Classes™ and Tech Contracts Academy’s webinars are approved for Continuing Legal Education credit in California. Licensed elsewhere? Jurisdictions (and professions) differ as to whether students may apply individually for continuing education credit, and what is required. Materials we make available for Tech Contracts Academy’s programs (e.g., slides, presenter’s biography) may assist students’ self-submission efforts. Check here for more details about CLE. 

Discounts: See program registration pages for information about group discounts (teams of five or more from same company, for same program: 10% off a full Master Class series; 15% off any webinar). And, NEW: For a limited time, a 10% discount is also available for individuals – after enrolling in one webinar at full price (starting with our July 2023 webinar), returning students may request a 10% discount code to use when enrolling in subsequent webinars through the end of 2023. Contact [email protected] for more information, and to obtain a discount code prior to enrolling. (Only one discount code per program may be used. Individual discount does not apply to Master Classes).

Our presenter. David Tollen founded Tech Contracts Academy® LLCAn attorney, instructor at U.C. Berkeley Law School, and expert witness, he authored the American Bar Association’s perennial bestseller, The Tech Contracts Handbook (ABA Publishing; 3rd ed. 2021). It is available from Amazon here, and other retailers.

Tech Contracts Academy® is a professional training company, created to bring confidence and expertise to professionals responsible for technology contracts. It provides public and in-house training on drafting and negotiating IT agreements. Contact us here or email [email protected] for more information about training for just your team.

Our programs provide general education, not legal advice. This communication is not, and our programs are not, advertising to provide legal services. Only one discount code may be used per registration.


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