Cancellation/Refund Policies


This Policy was last revised October 2, 2023.

Please find the appropriate section below in this Cancellation/Refund Policy that applies to the type of Program in which you are enrolled/interested. Policies differ depending on the type of Program (and its third party host/platform) you enroll in with Tech Contracts Academy® LLC (“Tech Contracts Academy,” “TCA,” “we”).

We appreciate your business, and want you to be satisfied. Before enrolling in a Program, please choose carefully, after reviewing the Program description, and the terms and policies (including terms of use and privacy policies) of TCA and of the third party host/platform (available to you upon enrollment). For inquiries about TCA Programs and this Policy, including if you have difficulty logging into a Program or are not sure what Policy applies to your Program, please reach out to


I. TCA Webinars & Tech Contracts Master Classes (Current Platform(s): GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, GoToStage)

Click here for TCA’s Cancellation/Refund Policy applicable to public TCA Programs hosted by GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, or GoToStage (usually live + temporary access to recordings upon request).

II. “Tech Contracts Academy On-Demand” (Current Platform: Teachable)

Click here for TCA’s Cancellation/Refund Policy applicable to public TCA Programs hosted by Teachable – Tech Contracts Academy On-Demand (subscription to pre-recorded content, chapter-by-chapter or clause-by-clause, including from webinars).

III. TCA In-House Trainings

For in-house Programs, the terms of a company’s Training Services Agreement with TCA govern, not any of the TCA Cancellation/Refund Policies described here (regardless of third party host/platform, if any). If you’re not sure if this applies to your Program, check with your company or

IV. Third Party Events

TCA is not responsible for, and this Policy does not address, events which are not arranged/presented solely by TCA, but at which a TCA representative speaks. Contact the presenting entity for such events to inquire about its payment and refund policies. If you’re not sure if TCA is the presenting entity, ask