The Tech Contracts Master Class™ Now Available On-Demand

We’re excited to announce that our popular Tech Contracts Master Class™ is now available as a recorded resource – in our On-Demand library . You get one year’s access, so you can use the program both for training and as a reference guide for future projects. And for a short time, you can buy the Master […]

Artificial Intelligence Contracts: An Issue-Spotter – Part 2 of 3

This is the second of a three-post issue-spotter about contracts related to artificial intelligence. Click here for the first of the series. B. Ownership and Control of Outputs General Problems with “Ownership” of Outputs: AI systems produce data as outputs, and ownership of data is problematic, as bullet 1 explains (in the last post). The […]

Third Time Lucky? Personal Data Transfers between the U.S., EU, UK

[Things don’t stand still in the world of data privacy. Check out our updates about the EU Adequacy Decision and next steps:, and background here]. Is your head spinning trying to keep up with headlines about personal data? You are in good company. Here, we take on – at a high level – recent […]

Non-Compete Issue-Spotter

In a non-compete clause, one party promises not to compete with the other. In IT contracts, customers sometimes ask their professional services providers for non-compete terms. The service provider promises not to serve the customer’s competitors. (Click here for a sample clause from The Tech Contracts Handbook — and see bullet 8 below.) And in […]

New SaaS Agreement Sample Form

Today, we updated one of Tech Contract Academy’s key sample contract forms: the Hybrid Cloud Agreement with Professional Services. It’s available to you, along with the rest of our forms, at the Contracts Page. This is the first update based on best practices and changes featured in the third edition of David Tollen’s book, The […]

Don’t Grant Feedback Licenses (Do this Instead)

Please click here for an updated version of this post. The feedback license appears in many tech contracts. It usually gives the vendor a broad, perpetual license to any “feedback” from the customer’s staff: any suggestion about the vendor’s products and services. Sometimes the clause goes further, assigning ownership of feedback to the vendor. (Click […]

Mistakes Triggered by the Many Meanings of “Intellectual Property”

By David W. Tollen Tech industry professionals use “intellectual property” to describe two different creatures. They also use “IP lawyer” for a broad list of professionals with little in common. Few recognize the many meanings of “intellectual property”, so the term creates a lot of confusion — and screws up lots of contracts and other legal […]

When Law Firms Buy Cloud Services

by David W. Tollen and Nathan Leong You’re a lawyer looking for online software and other tools to run your firm—tools like email, word processing, calendaring, timenotes, legal research, and particularly document management. You stumble across a great suite of tools from a reputable company and sign up. You love your new powers; now you’re […]

Is Technology a Threat to Attorney-Client Privilege?

By Phil Brown and David W. Tollen Lawyers love tradition, but many clients want to communicate with 21st Century tools. Texting, Skyping, SnapChatting: all of these would mystified most lawyers ten years ago. But habits change. The flood of technological “advances” in communication methods brings new threats to attorney-client privilege and confidentiality. The truth is, […]