The Tech Contracts Master Class™ Now Available On-Demand

We’re excited to announce that our popular Tech Contracts Master Class™ is now available as a recorded resource – in our On-Demand library . You get one year’s access, so you can use the program both for training and as a reference guide for future projects. And for a short time, you can buy the Master Class at our launch discount price.

“This was easily the most helpful, on-point and productive training I’ve received ….  Really fantastic to get a deep dive on these issues and have questions answered by an expert.  Would recommend to anyone.”

contracts training slide/still from The Tech Contracts Master Class

Our most popular program trains you on contracts about AI, the cloud, and other software

The Tech Contracts Master Class™ covers the key terms in contracts for software and IT services, including artificial intelligence. It’s taught by industry expert David Tollen, of course. The Master Class is for lawyers, contract managers, and other businesspeople – and it’s our most popular program.

Taken together, these four courses – just over 2 hours each – prepare you to draft and negotiate IT contracts better, faster, and with more confidence. Each is broken into clause-based chapters, covering topics like indemnities, limits of liability, data protection, AI training data terms, and much more. So you can easily find the answers you need in this video reference guide, for a full year.

contracts training – on-demand sessions now available

To enroll in the full series click here. You can also buy any course individually: #1; #2; #3; #4. All prices are discounted as of now in honor of the new product launch. And if you buy all four, you get a further volume discount of more than 10%.

More Info & Testimonials

CLE is preapproved for California, and we’ll provide resources to help you submit for credit elsewhere (no guarantees). With or without CLE, each trainee gets a certificate, as well as slides.

“David … was born to teach; he’s that effective. Outstanding!”

“David’s … training has had a transformative impact on our team’s skills and capabilities. He has an exceptional ability to break down complex concepts into practical frameworks …. I highly recommend his training program to any legal team seeking to elevate their tech contracts expertise and negotiation skills.”

Please come visit our on-demand library!

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