The Tech Contracts Master Class™ Now Available On-Demand

We’re excited to announce that our popular Tech Contracts Master Class™ is now available as a recorded resource – in our On-Demand library . You get one year’s access, so you can use the program both for training and as a reference guide for future projects. And for a short time, you can buy the Master […]

Watermarks on Generative AI Art … and Copyright

I used AI to generate the image below. (I wanted new wallpaper for my laptop, but this was a bit more sci-fi than I had in mind.) Take a close look. You’ll see almost a dozen faint, diagonal lines of text. They look like watermarks. I’ve seen these faux watermarks on other images I created […]

Artificial Intelligence Contracts: An Issue-Spotter – Part 3 of 3

This is the third and last in our series of posts about contracts for purchase and sale of AI. Click here for the first post in the series and here for the second post. D. Errors in Outputs Errors in Outputs – Provider Disclaimers: Software vendors often warrant or otherwise promise that their systems will […]

How Long Should a Warranty Last?

Students and trainees often ask me how long a warranty of function should last. And contract negotiators regularly debate it. Someone should do a thorough survey, but in the absence of good data, I’ll offer my experience. Duration I don’t often see software warranties shorter than ninety days. Thirty days seems to be the bottom. […]

IP Issues in Tech Contracts (LinkedIn Live Discussion)

We recently discussed typical IP issues in tech contracts, live on LinkedIn. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can watch the program, which lasts just 25 minutes … and costs nothing. Just click the image below.    

SLA terms may be more negotiable than you think

Cloud services providers often say they can’t negotiate their SLAs. All customers get the same SLA, so customizing terms for one customer would require changing procedures used for everyone. That’s often true, but customers should test the limits of SLA flexibility. Not all SLA revisions require that the provider change its procedures. Terms addressing “legal” […]

Yes, You Can Negotiate SLA Legal Terms

IT providers often argue that they can’t negotiate service level agreements (SLAs). They’re right in most cases, but with important exceptions. SLAs govern procedures for fixing broken technology, as well as credits for downtime. The provider generally can’t modify the procedures and software it uses for that support — at least, not at reasonable cost. […]

New SaaS Agreement Sample Form

Today, we updated one of Tech Contract Academy’s key sample contract forms: the Hybrid Cloud Agreement with Professional Services. It’s available to you, along with the rest of our forms, at the Contracts Page. This is the first update based on best practices and changes featured in the third edition of David Tollen’s book, The […]

Western Banker’s Association Webinar – Recording Now Available

The one hour webinar David Tollen presented on December 3rd is now available online. Click here to access it through our host, The Western Banker’s Association. The presentation addresses how banks and other tech buyers can get the best terms for cloud computing contracts. It covers key issues at stake in SaaS and other cloud […]