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Our Spring 2023 Master Class series isn’t the only training currently available through Tech Contracts Academy. We also have a robust offering of in-house training for you and your team. More information is available here, and below in this post.

And, if you’re interested in our next Master Class series, now is the time to enroll – see details below. Additional series discount available for teams. Scheduling conflict? Access to recordings is available.

All trainings are taught by industry expert David Tollen.

In-House Training: Training for just your team

Tech Contracts Academy® is a professional training company, providing in-house as well as public training on drafting and negotiating IT agreements.

If you’re looking for more individualized training for your team, our in-house training is for you.

Our in-house programs — all taught by our founder, David Tollen, are designed for teams of 3-35 people. Thorough and customizable, they include Tech Contracts Master Class options, and range from two hours to several days. Typically delivered via video conference, your team can still ask David Tollen questions, and discuss.

We currently have several different courses available, including an annual subscription.

You can learn more about the course options here.

For pricing and more information on how our in-house training can be incorporated into your team’s training schedule, please reach out to us via the contact button below.

Spring 2023 Master Class™ Series

Our online Tech Contracts Master Classes kick off April 18th. Here is an overview of each class:

Prime Clauses: A contract’s central promise and transaction. The promise of cloud services; license to on-premise software; promise of professional services. Frequently, contracts have a combination. And … the promise to pay. 

General Clauses: Commercial clauses (such as technical specifications, SLAs, business continuity and disaster recovery, non-disclosure) and data clauses (including location, security, incidents, privacy, audits). 

Key Liability Terms: Warranties, indemnities, limits of liability, provider liability for 3rd parties, and liquidated damages.  

End-Game & Special Clauses: Term & termination; transition and deconversion; non-solicits and noncompetes; dispute management, mediation, arbitration, waiver of class actions, jury trials; ancillary IP terms; assignment, change of control, divestiture; choice of law and courts; order of precedence; amendment; open source software.

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Team Discounts. Register 5 or more from the same company for the same Master Class series and receive 10% off (after the 10+% automatic series discount). Contact [email protected] for a discount code. (Only one discount code may be used per registration).

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CLE. Tech Contracts Master Classes™ are approved for Continuing Legal Education credit in California. Licensed elsewhere? Jurisdictions (and professions) differ as to whether students may apply individually for continuing education credit, and what is required. Materials we make available (e.g., slides, presenter’s biography) may assist students’ self-submission efforts. Click here for more details about CLE. 

Our presenter. David Tollen founded Tech Contracts Academy® LLCAn attorney, instructor at U.C. Berkeley Law School, and expert witness, he authored the American Bar Association’s perennial bestseller (our recommended reading), The Tech Contracts Handbook. It is available from Amazon here, and other retailers.

Tech Contracts Academy® is a professional training company, created to bring confidence and expertise to professionals responsible for technology contracts. It provides public and in-house training on drafting and negotiating IT agreements.

Our programs provide general education, not legal advice. This communication is not, and our programs are not, advertising to provide legal services.

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