David Tollen Contributes to CEB’s Guide, Trade Secrets Practice in California

The Continuing Education of the Bar – California (CEB) recently updated its essential Practice Guide, Trade Secrets Practice in California. We’re pleased to announce that our founder, David Tollen, co-authored Chapter 16, Protecting Computer Technology.

CEB Trade Secrets Practice in CA book CEB Trade Secrets Practice in CA – book image

Unfamiliar with the CEB or its Practice Guides? Here’s what the CEB has to say about them – and their authors:

  • California is different. That’s why California lawyers turn to CEB for the nuanced, state-specific legal research and guidance they need to get the best results for their clients. All CEB content is created in collaboration with respected lawyers and judges across the state.
  • Our practice books are renowned for their authoritative content. The expert guidance from CEB’s contributors— experienced California lawyers and judges—gives you a quick and dependable starting point for your legal research.
  • Chapter 16, Protecting Computer Software, has been substantially rewritten. In addition, it now includes three new software transaction forms: On-Premise Software License Agreement; Cloud Services (SaaS) Terms of Service; and Employee Nondisclosure and Assignment Agreement.

Purchase information is available here (2nd ed., Nov. 2023), and David’s CEB bio is here.

Interested in exploring David’s other writings? The third edition of his popular, user-friendly guide, The Tech Contracts Handbook: Cloud Computing Agreements, Software Licenses, and Other IT Contracts for Lawyers and Businesspeople (ABA Publishing/IT Section 2021) is available from the American Bar Association (ABA), Amazon, and other retailers.

Image of The Tech Contracts Handbook book coverTech Contracts Handbook – book image

David also offers free resources at the website of his training company, Tech Contracts Academy.

Finally, for information about the range of trainings offered by Tech Contracts Academy, visit our website here. We offer live public and in-house trainings, and certain recorded trainings in our On-Demand library.

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