Training on Artificial Intelligence Contracts

robot driven by artificial intelligence
An AI-generated image of an AI-driven robot … in a post about AI contracts

During the past year, interest in AI has surged. So have questions about artificial intelligence contracts, particularly about the weird and complex issues raised by generative AI. As a result, we’ve emphasized generative and other AI issues in our programs, particularly the Tech Contracts Master Class™.

AI is software, so mostly it raises the same issues as typical software agreements. But certain forms of AI raise unique issues. They relate to IP rights in outputs, training data, and prompts – and to liability for errors (“hallucinations”), infringement, and misuse of private information, among other issues. We will explore those issues in our next set of Master Classes — in September and November.

We also cover AI in our upcoming webinars, some on issues related to all IT contracts and some specific to AI agreements.

We hope to see you at an upcoming program!

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