Enroll Now – Tech Contracts Master Classes Begin Jan. 10. CA CLE

Start the new year by building your skills – and add the Tech Contracts Master Classes™ Certificate of Completion to your resume. Team discounts and CA CLE available.

Last chance to enroll and catch our popular, four-class, online Tech Contracts Master Class series live – classes begin January 10. Leverage David Tollen’s years of expertise – in just 8 hours, over 3 weeks, he will take you through clauses typically found in SaaS contracts, software licenses, and other information technology contracts. A sound investment – enhance your skills, and that of your company’s contract negotiators. Ideal for lawyers and businesspeople. 

Busy? (Of course). Worried about scheduling? Recordings are available for a limited time after the live classes.


Tech Contracts Master Classes: January 2023

  1. Prime Clauses: License, Subscription, IP Transfer, Payment (Jan. 10).  
  2. General Clauses: Data Management, SLAs, Confidentiality, and other General Clauses (Jan. 12
  3. Key Liability Terms: Including Indemnities, Warranties, and Limits of Liability (Jan. 19)
  4. End-Game and Special Clauses: Disputes, Termination, Special Terms, and OSS (Jan. 26)

Enroll in all four for automatic 10+% discount. Or take individual classes. Each includes live Q&A (written questions via chat feature), the slides, certificates of attendance (including individualized Tech Contracts Academy Certificates), and a 35% discount on The Tech Contracts Handbook, authored by our presenter (when purchased direct from its publisher). 

CA CLE credit is available – 8 hours for the series, 2 hours per class. (Our materials may also help students in other jurisdictions with their CLE self-submission efforts).

Scheduling conflict? All classes are 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST – but access to recordings will be available to registrants upon request (for a set 30 day period that starts shortly after each class).

For more curriculum details about all the Master Classes, check out the column to the right, and the sign-up button.

Prime Clauses: A contract’s central promise and transaction. Think of: the promise of cloud services; the license to on-premise software; the promise of professional services. Plenty of contracts have a combination. And let’s not forget the promise to … pay. Join us on January 10 to learn more.

General Clauses: On January 12, students consider commercial clauses (such as technical specifications, SLAs, business continuity and disaster recovery, non-disclosure) and data clauses (including location, security, incidents, privacy, audits). 

Key Liability Terms: On January 19, we explore warranties, indemnities, limits of liability, provider liability for 3rd parties, and liquidated damages.  

End-Game & Special Clauses: Finally, on January 26 topics include: Term & termination; transition and deconversion; non-solicits and noncompetes; dispute management, mediation, arbitration, waiver of class actions, jury trials; ancillary IP terms; assignment, change of control, divestiture; choice of law and courts; order of precedence; amendment; open source software.

Join us!

Team Discounts. Register 5 or more from the same company for the same program and receive 15% off webinars, and 10% off a Master Class series (after the 10+% automatic series discount). Contact [email protected] for a discount code. (Only one discount code may be used per registration).

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CLE. Click here for more details about Continuing Legal Education credit. See jurisdiction(s) for which CLE credit has been approved for our programs, or for which an application may be pending. If your jurisdiction is not listed: Jurisdictions (and professions) differ as to whether students may apply individually for continuing education credit, and what is required. Materials we make available (e.g., slides, presenter’s biography) may assist students’ self-submission efforts.

Our presenter. David Tollen founded Tech Contracts Academy® LLCAn attorney, instructor at U.C. Berkeley Law School, and expert witness, he authored the American Bar Association’s perennial bestseller (our recommended reading), The Tech Contracts Handbook. It is available from Amazon here, and other retailers.

Tech Contracts Academy® is a professional training company, created to bring confidence and expertise to professionals responsible for technology contracts. It provides public and in-house training on drafting and negotiating IT agreements.

Our programs provide general education, not legal advice. This communication is not, and our programs are not, advertising to provide legal services.


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