5 Problems w/ Contracts for Generative AI & Other Machine Learning

Generative AI raises five sets of issues not often found in IT contracts. So do other machine learning (ML) systems, particularly those trained on massive datasets. The issues are complex, but no amount of analysis will help if you don’t notice them. So I’ve listed them below. For more information, see The Tech Contracts Master […]

Watermarks on Generative AI Art … and Copyright

I used AI to generate the image below. (I wanted new wallpaper for my laptop, but this was a bit more sci-fi than I had in mind.) Take a close look. You’ll see almost a dozen faint, diagonal lines of text. They look like watermarks. I’ve seen these faux watermarks on other images I created […]

Training on Artificial Intelligence Contracts

During the past year, interest in AI has surged. So have questions about artificial intelligence contracts, particularly about the weird and complex issues raised by generative AI. As a result, we’ve emphasized generative and other AI issues in our programs, particularly the Tech Contracts Master Class™. AI is software, so mostly it raises the same […]

Artificial Intelligence Contracts: An Issue-Spotter – Part 2 of 3

This is the second of a three-post issue-spotter about contracts related to artificial intelligence. Click here for the first of the series. B. Ownership and Control of Outputs General Problems with “Ownership” of Outputs: AI systems produce data as outputs, and ownership of data is problematic, as bullet 1 explains (in the last post). The […]

Artificial Intelligence Contracts: An Issue-Spotter – Part 1 of 3

Contracts about artificial intelligence raise most of the same issues as other software agreements. But they raise unique issues too, particularly when they involve generative AI, like ChatGPT. This is the first of three posts describing those issues. This series provides an issue-spotter for lawyers, contract managers, and other contract-drafters. Let’s start by defining key […]