Spring 2023 Master Class Series is now live

Our spring Tech Contracts Master Class series began on April 18, and will run through May 16 (with a one week break the week of May 1). Registration for the entire series is still open, and the recording for the first class (Prime Clauses) is available now through May 19. The Tech Contracts Master Class series […]

Starting Soon: Spring Master Class Series & Complimentary AI Webinar

Our spring Tech Contracts Master Class series starts April 18th and runs weekly on Tuesdays through May 16th (with a by-week on May 2nd). Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your tech contracting skills (and resume), with industry expert David Tollen. And, are you worried that tools like ChatGPT threaten our careers? Wondering […]


On March 30, join David Tollen’s short LinkedIn Live conversation about the 4 misunderstood types of tech deals: on-premise software, IT professional services, SaaS and other cloud services, and non-tech offerings delivered through IT. It aims to clear away confusion and flag issues unique to each type of deal. This free session is a great […]

NEXT MONTH: Master Classes + Webinar

The month starts off with our April 4th webinar, Indemnities in Technology & Other Commercial Contracts, where we will do a deep dive on this often misunderstood topic. And April 18th, our next Tech Contracts Master Class series begins. Four online classes, two hours each, taking place on Tuesdays over the course of 5 weeks […]

Spring Training with Tech Contracts Academy

Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes Tech Contracts Academy’s next trainings. On April 4th, join our 1.5 hour webinar, Indemnities in Technology & Other Commercial Contracts. We will demystify indemnities against third party claims, an often misunderstood, heavily negotiated topic in many types of commercial contracts. And, starting April 18th, we […]

NEW WEBINAR: Indemnities in Commercial Contracts

We’re happy to announce that registration for our latest training opportunity is now available: Indemnities in Technology & Other Commercial Contracts is a 90-minute webinar that will focus on indemnities against third-party claims. The program is April 4th, at 10:30 PDT, and the recording will be available for a limited time. We hope you will […]

Fall in love with tech contracts – train with us

Enrollment for our Spring Tech Contracts Master Class series is now live: Four online classes, taught by industry expert David Tollen –Prime Clauses (April 18), General Clauses (April 25), Key Liability Terms (May 9), End-Game and Special Clauses (May 16). Taken together, they will prepare you to negotiate contracts about software and cloud services more confidently and efficiently, and help you avoid common pitfalls. […]

More 2023 Tech Contracts Academy Trainings

Our Spring 2023 Master Class series isn’t the only training currently available through Tech Contracts Academy. We also have a robust offering of in-house training for you and your team. More information is available here, and below in this post. And, if you’re interested in our next Master Class series, now is the time to […]