On March 30, join David Tollen’s short LinkedIn Live conversation about the 4 misunderstood types of tech deals: on-premise software, IT professional services, SaaS and other cloud services, and non-tech offerings delivered through IT. It aims to clear away confusion and flag issues unique to each type of deal. This free session is a great […]

IP Issues in Tech Contracts (LinkedIn Live Discussion)

We recently discussed typical IP issues in tech contracts, live on LinkedIn. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can watch the program, which lasts just 25 minutes … and costs nothing. Just click the image below.    

Routine Government Review of Social Media

Last month, the U.S. Department of State started requiring that visa applicants list their social media handles. Would-be immigrants and visitors to the U.S. don’t have to provide passwords, but they do have to provide their “identifiers” on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other networks. The new requirement apparently drew little attention outside immigration law circles, […]