Educational videos partnership with Briefly

Tech Contracts Academy and David Tollen have partnered with Adam Stofsky and Briefly Inc. to create a series of short, concise videos, covering contract basics. The videos are a part of Briefly’s contract education video library, a resource that helps educate businesses about contracts. See an example below in this blog post. You can access a selection of […]

Don’t Write “Friendly” Contract Terms

By David W. Tollen Your client or colleagues wants “friendly” contract terms, to avoid offending the other side. For instance, you’re the vendor, and you have two pretty tough-sounding clauses in your standard terms. “Customer will be responsible and liable to Vendor for any misuse of the System by Customer’s users.” “Customer shall indemnify, defend […]

David Tollen Joins LegalSifter Board of Advisors

We’re very pleased to announce that our founder, David Tollen, has joined the LegalSifter Board of Advisors. LegalSifter provides cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that helps lawyers and their clients review contracts. Users upload draft contracts into LegalSifter. From there, the Sifters review the document. Sifters are software agents trained to read text, look for specific concepts, […]

New Form: Customer’s ITMA (Information Technology Master Agreement)

We’ve posted a new contract in the forms library — and it’s available in MS Word (no charge, as always). It’s meant to serve as a customer’s primary contract for purchasing any and all IT (other than hardware or IaaS): namely, licensed software, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and/or IT professional services. You can use it to acquire […]