David Tollen Joins LegalSifter Board of Advisors

We’re very pleased to announce that our founder, David Tollen, has joined the LegalSifter Board of Advisors.

David Tollen joins LegalSifter -- artificial intelligence (AI) for contracts

LegalSifter provides cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that helps lawyers and their clients review contracts. Users upload draft contracts into LegalSifter. From there, the Sifters review the document. Sifters are software agents trained to read text, look for specific concepts, and learn over time. They identify concepts that demand attention, including because they’re left out. The Sifters then trigger Help Text: in-context advice tailored to the user’s business and negotiation position.

David Tollen is one of the nation’s key thought-leaders on technology contracts. His role will be to write LegalSifter’s Help Text about those same agreements. So LegalSifter will be powered by some of the same ideas and expertise that led to The Tech Contracts Handbook and to our own training business, Tech Contracts Academy™. “AI will make lawyers and other contract drafters more efficient, effective, and valued by our clients and employers,” said David. “LegalSifter is at the cutting edge of that effort, so I’m honored to join the team. And my industry, information technology, will surely be among the most eager to adopt the new tools.”

Better yet, in the not-too-distant future, we at Tech Contracts Academy™ will offer our own version of LegalSifter. (We’ll announce it on this blog, and you can subscribe to the right to be sure you don’t miss it.)

Here’s LegalSifter’s own announcement about David

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