New SaaS Agreement Sample Form

Today, we updated one of Tech Contract Academy’s key sample contract forms: the Hybrid Cloud Agreement with Professional Services. It’s available to you, along with the rest of our forms, at the Contracts Page. This is the first update based on best practices and changes featured in the third edition of David Tollen’s book, The […]

Force Majeure vs. Disaster Recovery

By David W. Tollen Problem Your contract’s force majeure clause says hurricanes, earthquakes, wars, and other disasters excuse the vendor’s service obligations. But the contract also has disaster recovery and business continuity terms (which I’ll call “DR/BC” terms). The whole point of those terms is that the vendor’s systems will survive these “acts of God,” […]

Two New Awards for Our Founder

We are pleased to announce that our founder and his law firm were recently honored with two awards for excellence. David Tollen was named Internet & E-Commerce Lawyer of the Year in California for 2018, by International Advisory Experts. IAE is a global alliance of legal, financial and consulting firms. Sycamore Legal received the 2018 […]

The Tech Contracts Issue-Spotter

I use the table of contents from The Tech Contracts Handbook as an issue-spotter for software licenses, cloud computing agreements, and other IT contracts. I’m posting the table so others can do the same. Simply peruse the topics listed below and ask yourself whether your contract needs a clause addressing each one. Introductory Material: [deleted] xi […]

#1 New Release — Amazon “Cloud Computing”!

Earlier this week, I reported that The Tech Contracts Handbook was Amazon’s #1 new release in the “Business Purchasing & Buying” category. Now it’s number one in the far larger, more general “Cloud Computing” category! The Tech Contracts Handbook: Cloud Computing Agreements, Software Licenses, and Other IT Contracts for Lawyers and Businesspeople Second Edition

Second Edition of The Tech Contracts Handbook

I’m very pleased to announce that the American Bar Association has published the second edition of my book: The Tech Contracts Handbook — Cloud Computing Agreements, Software Licenses, and Other IT Contracts for Lawyers and Businesspeople. The book is available directly from the ABA’s online bookstore. (You don’t need ABA membership to buy.) Amazon and […]