The Tech Contracts Master Class™ Now Available On-Demand

We’re excited to announce that our popular Tech Contracts Master Class™ is now available as a recorded resource – in our On-Demand library . You get one year’s access, so you can use the program both for training and as a reference guide for future projects. And for a short time, you can buy the Master […]

Don’t define “material breach”

Some contract drafters define material breach in their termination provisions. They find “material” too vague on its own. That’s a mistake because defining the concept can limit your rights in ways you’ll eventually find unacceptable. And “material breach” is not vague, believe it or not. A contracting party needs the right to terminate for the […]

Why a notice period to terminate for convenience?

In service contracts, termination for convenience clauses often call for a long notice period. The customer (usually) can terminate for any reason, but it has to give 90 days’ notice — or maybe 180 days’ or more. In many cases, the customer also has to pay an early termination fee. But if the fee compensates […]

COVID-19 Disruption Terms

During 2020, we developed terms to address Covid-19: a clause that lets the customer suspend professional services and provides a procedure to restart. It looks like we’re not out of the woods yet (Delta variant, etc.), so those sorts of terms deserve a look. The clause below goes beyond force majeure by providing procedures for […]