David Tollen speaks at Forge Technology Sourcing conference

On May 14, 2024, our founder David Tollen spoke about AI issues in contracting at the Forge Technology Sourcing conference in Boston. Both sessions were well-attended, and we thank Procurement Foundry for the opportunity and the hospitality.

In Drafting & Negotiating AI Contracts,” David explained that contracts for AI are software agreements, and so call for terms many software contract managers and lawyers know well. And he explained that certain AI systems raise unique issues, particularly generative AI and other forms of machine learning (ML), which require new terms.

Interested in engaging David to train your team? We offer a variety of in-house training options. Contact [email protected] for more information. Tech Contracts Academy also offers public training, both live and On-Demand. Many of these programs, including The Tech Contracts Master Class, include content about AI contracting issues.

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