Location, Access, and Deletion (Customer-Friendly)

[Attachment __, Data Management, Privacy, and Security, continued]

H. Approved Region and Data Centers. Provider shall not transfer Customer Data (or allow its subcontractors to transfer Customer Data): outside _________ (the “Approved Territory”) unless it receives Customer’s prior written consent. Further, except as provided in Section __ (Business Continuity) of this Agreement’s main body, provider shall not transfer Customer Data to any location other than the data centers listed ________, unless such replacement data center complies with the requirements of this Attachment __ and unless Provider gives Customer ___ business days’ prior written notice.

I. Customer Access and e-Discovery. Customer may access and copy any Customer Data in Provider’s possession at any time. Provider shall reasonably facilitate such access and copying promptly after Customer’s request, provided Provider may charge its reasonable then-standard fees for any such access and copying or for any related deconversion of data. 

J. Deletion. Except as required by applicable law or authorized pursuant to a data deletion policy accepted in writing by each party, Provider shall not erase Customer Data or any copy thereof without Customer’s prior written consent. Further, Provider shall: (1) halt Customer Data deletion promptly if Customer informs Provider that any Customer Data is subject to “e-discovery” or otherwise relevant to potential litigation; (2) at such times as Customer may request (including without limitation as a result of Consumer Requests made mandatory by applicable law), promptly erase all Customer Data from all systems under Provider’s control and direct and ensure erasure by any and all of its subcontractors that have access to Customer Data; and (3) within __ days of termination (including without limitation expiration) of this Agreement, erase all Customer Data in Provider’s possession or control, including without limitation in the possession or control of its subcontractors, subject to Provider’s rights above (if any) in Section D (Aggregate/Anonymized Data) of this Attachment __. In erasing Customer Data as required by this Agreement, Provider shall leave no data readable, decipherable, or recoverable on its computers or other media or those of its subcontractors, using the best erasure methods commercially feasible. Promptly after any erasure of Customer Data or any part of it, Provider shall certify such erasure to Customer in writing.