Applicable Law (Customer-Friendly)

[Attachment __, Data Management, Privacy, and Security, continued]

F. Privacy and Security Law Compliance. Provider shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing Provider’s access to, use of, and handling of Customer Data; provided the foregoing does not require that Provider comply with or be aware of any Excluded Data Law.

G. Statutory Special Terms.

  1. The parties recognize and agree that Attachment __ (____): (a) governs the following Customer Data: __________ [list the data governed by the privacy/security law in question]; and (b) applies only to such Customer Data and not to any of the parties’ other rights or duties pursuant to this Attachment __ or this Agreement. 
  2. Provider shall __________ [insert additional statutory special terms].
  3. If Provider receives a consumer “right to know,” deletion, “right to be forgotten,” or similar request related to Personal Information within Customer Data (collectively, “Consumer Requests”), Provider shall not reply without Customer’s written authorization and shall, at its own expense, comply with Customer’s reasonable written instructions for Consumer Requests (if any), subject to the requirements of applicable law. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, nothing in this Agreement precludes Provider from asserting defenses or rights it may have under applicable law related to Consumer Requests.