FAQ’s re EU Data Transfers, Now that Safe Harbor Is Gone

[Things don’t stand still in the world of data privacy. Check out our updates: https://www.techcontracts.com/2023/07/21/personal-data-transfers-schrems/, Spring Cleaning: Fix Contract Terms for Data Transfers From The UK; The Clock is Ticking: Are Your Contract Terms Out-of-Date for Transfers of Personal Data Subject to the GDPR?Third Time Lucky? Personal Data Transfers between the U.S., EU, UKDraft EU “Adequacy Decision” for Data Transfers to U.S. Now What?]

Here’s a good post on transfers of European private data to U.S. computers (from BakerHostetler). Of course, it’s in response to the October 6 decision by the E.U.’s Court of Justice, invalidating the Safe Harbor certification system. I think the best replacement for Safe Harbor, as of now, is the standard contractual clause system (SCC), mentioned under FAQ #3 in the post. (SCC’s are clunky, but we have to deal with clunky for the time being …)

I’ll have more to say on this later, as the dust settles.



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