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The forms library provides sample terms for technology agreements, available for copying and pasting. It includes all the clauses found in The Tech Contracts Handbook. The Forms library also provides full-length form contracts, which you can download in MS Word. They’re all free of charge.


with David Tollen

Retain the author to train your staff on drafting and negotiating cloud computing agreements, software licenses, and other technology contracts. Or attend a training open to the public.

David Tollen trains both lawyers and businesspeople – including IT staff, salespeople, contract managers, procurement officers, and executives. The courses teach trainees to negotiate IT contracts faster, with fewer negotiation hiccups and misunderstandings, and to draft contracts that prevent disputes later. The programs are also energetic, highly organized, and fun.



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Cloud Computing Contracts 101: Webinar & Discount on The Tech Contracts Handbook

On Tuesday, June 7, David Tollen will present a webinar through the American Bar Association: Cloud Computing Contracts 101: Seven Key Clauses & Seven Common Mistakes. You don’t need to be an ABA member to attend.  You don’t even need to be a lawyer, though if you are, you’ll get CLE credit in your state.  […]

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Expert Witness

The author, David Tollen, serves as an expert witness in litigation related to intellectual property licensing and information technology.


David and sycamore legal

The author practices law with Sycamore Legal, P.C.

Sycamore Legal is dedicated to technology agreements and to advice and contracts about e-commerce, privacy, and intellectual property.



Attorney David Tollen represents buyers and sellers in IT agreements, advises on IP, and trains contract drafters.

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