Below are all the sample terms found in the clause boxes of The Tech Contracts Handbook, 3rd Edition. They’re organized into:

I. PRIME CLAUSES (licenses, promises of service, payment)
II. GENERAL CLAUSES (indemnity, data security, limit of liability, and the rest of the meat of tech contracts)
III. BOILERPLATE (typical back-of contract material, but more important than you think)
All these clauses are provided free of charge, including for use in your contracts and your clients’ contracts. But they’re all subject to our TERMS OF USE & PRIVACY, which includes both disclaimers and license restrictions on reselling the forms.

Clauses For AI Contracts

David Tollen recently published an issue-spotter on artificial intelligence (AI) contracts, and it includes several sample clauses. These supplement the clauses provided in The Tech Contracts Handbook.

Prime Clauses