Schedule of Professional Services

 Schedule of Professional Services

Vendor will complete the Services on or before ______________.

1.   Milestones. Vendor will complete the Service by the following deadlines (“Milestones”):

A.  Alpha Version functioning according to Specifications (“Operational”): _________ [days] after Effective Date;

B.   Beta Version Operational: ________ [days] after Alpha Version Operational;

C.   Full System Operational and submitted for Acceptance Testing: _______ [days] after Beta Version Operational.

2.   Payment. Customer will pay Vendor in the following installments:

A.  Milestone A: __ % of the Development Fee

B.   Milestone B: __ % of the Development Fee

C.   Milestone C: __ % of the Development Fee

D.  Acceptance: __ % of the Development Fee