DMCA Policy

Date Posted: _______________ This policy statement lists our requirements for notice of copyright infringement and for responses to such a notice if you or your materials are accused. We use the copyright infringement procedures of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A. Notice of Copyright Infringement To notify us of copyright infringement, please send a written […]

DMCA Notice

For claims of copyright infringement, please contact ____________________ [name of registered agent and/or his or her department, address, phone number, and e-mail address]. We will terminate the accounts of subscribers who are repeat copyright infringers.

Acceptable Use Policy

Date Posted: _______________ A. Unacceptable Use Provider requires that all customers and other users of Provider’s cloud-based service (the “Service”) conduct themselves with respect for others. In particular, observe the following rules in your use of the Service: 1) Abusive Behavior: Do not harass, threaten, or defame any person or entity. Do not contact any person who […]

OSS-Specific Terms in Supplier Contracts

Notwithstanding Subsection __ (Warranty Remedies), the remedies listed therein are not exclusive of others Distributor may have for a breach of the warranty in Subsection __ (IP Warranty) related to copyleft conditions or requirements applicable to the Software. • • • Subsections __ (Dollar Cap) and __ (Exclusion of Consequential Damages) do not apply to damages corresponding […]