Stepping Out

(g) Step-In Duration. Except as set forth below in Subsection __(h) (Stepping Out), Step-In will continue until the end of the Term in effect at the start of Step-In.

(h) Stepping Out. Step-In will terminate on the earlier of the following: (i) Customer surrenders control of the Impacted Services, on no less than __ days’ written notice; or (ii) Provider delivers a plan for its resumption of the Impacted Services (a “Step-Out Plan”), and Customer accepts such Step-Out Plan in writing, provided if Customer does not reject the Step-Out Plan in writing within __ business days of delivery, it will be considered accepted. Customer may only reject a Step-Out Plan if: (A) Provider has not demonstrated, to Customer’s reasonable satisfaction, that it can operate and provide the Impacted Service materially in compliance with this Agreement and at the applicable service level targets in the SLA; or (B) Provider’s operation of the Impacted Service would contradict applicable law or the order of a court, regulator, or other government agency. Customer’s surrender of control or approval of a Step-Out Plan does not waive any Customer rights in response to Provider’s breach of this Agreement before, during, or after Step-In. When Step-In ends, the parties shall cooperate in the restoration of Impacted Services to Provider, as required in Attachment X.