Starting on delivery of the Software, Provider shall maintain the Software according to its _ [Platinum, Gold, Tinfoil, etc.] Maintenance Plan, as further described on Provider’s Website, and Customer shall pay such fees for the _ Maintenance Plan as listed on Provider’s Website at the start of each term of the Maintenance Plan.

• • •

Starting on the Effective Date and continuing for each _ period thereafter (each “Maintenance Term”), Provider shall: (a) exercise commercially reasonable efforts promptly to correct any failure of the Software to perform according to its Specifications, in response to any trouble ticket Customer submits through Provider’s maintenance portal; and (b) provide Customer with updates and upgrades to the Software promptly after each becomes available to Provider’s customers generally. Updates and upgrades provided pursuant to Maintenance will become part of the Software (and so subject to all this Agreement’s terms governing the Software) upon installation. The Maintenance Term shall renew automatically at the end thereof unless Customer gives written notice of its intent not to renew days before the renewal date. After the [2nd, 3rd, 4th . . .] renewal of the Maintenance Term, Provider may refuse further renewal by written notice days before the next renewal date.