During the term of this Agreement and for _______ thereafter, Provider shall maintain in full force and effect: (a) commercial general liability insurance covering personal injury and property damage, including without limitation contractual liability, with limits of at least $_______ per occurrence and $_______ in the aggregate; (b) business automobile liability insurance for all vehicles, including those owned or rented by Provider or its employees, covering personal injury and property damage, with a limit of at least $_______ per occurrence; (c) worker’s compensation and employer’s liability insurance, with limits of at least $_______; and (d) errors and omissions insurance appropriate for the Services for, at a minimum, the rendering of or failure to render professional technology services, with limits at least of $_______ in the aggregate, including cyber liability, with a sublimit of liability not less than $_______ per claim and $________ in the aggregate. Provider shall maintain all such insurance with carriers rated __ or better by A.M. Best Company, Inc. The insurance policies required pursuant to this Section __ will stipulate that they are primary insurance and that no insurance policy or self-insurance program of Customer will be called upon to contribute. Before commencement of Services and thereafter upon renewal of any such policy of insurance, Provider shall provide Customer with certificates of insurance evidencing the above coverages and naming Customer as certificate holder entitled to 30 days’ written notice following any cancellation, reduction, or change in coverage.