Custom Contracts Training – for your Team

In addition to publicly available trainings like our Master Classes and webinars, Tech Contracts Academy also offers in-house training, which is customizable and exclusive for you and your team. And, our in-house offerings now address AI contracts. In-House Training: Customizable Training for you and your team Our in-house programs are designed for teams, of 3-35 […]

Spring Training with Tech Contracts Academy

Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes Tech Contracts Academy’s next trainings. On April 4th, join our 1.5 hour webinar, Indemnities in Technology & Other Commercial Contracts. We will demystify indemnities against third party claims, an often misunderstood, heavily negotiated topic in many types of commercial contracts. And, starting April 18th, we […]

NEW WEBINAR: Indemnities in Commercial Contracts

We’re happy to announce that registration for our latest training opportunity is now available: Indemnities in Technology & Other Commercial Contracts is a 90-minute webinar that will focus on indemnities against third-party claims. The program is April 4th, at 10:30 PDT, and the recording will be available for a limited time. We hope you will […]

More 2023 Tech Contracts Academy Trainings

Our Spring 2023 Master Class series isn’t the only training currently available through Tech Contracts Academy. We also have a robust offering of in-house training for you and your team. More information is available here, and below in this post. And, if you’re interested in our next Master Class series, now is the time to […]

LIVE NOW: Master Class Spring Series Enrollment

Our January Tech Contracts Master Class™ series wrapped up last week. But we’re happy to announce enrollment for our Spring Series is now live: Four online classes, taught by industry expert David Tollen – Prime Clauses (April 18), General Clauses (April 25), Key Liability Terms (May 9), End-Game and Special Clauses (May 16). Taken together, […]

Make a Tech Contract training resolution for 2022 – with Tech Contracts Academy®

Happy New Year! As you plan to expand your tech contracting knowledge in 2022, consider enrolling in Tech Contracts Academy’s trainings – which include live Q&A with David Tollen: Tech Contracts Master Classes™: The next series of four on-line Tech Contracts Master Classes launches January 20th. If you’re on the fence about enrolling, don’t delay […]