“Coming to the Table” podcast with David Tollen

Recently, I sat down for a “Thought Leader” discussion on the Coming to the Table video podcast. It’s a program on the future of negotiation, hosted by Keld Jensen and the Thunderbird School of Global Management, at Arizona State University. Mr. Jensen is himself a thought leader and author, as well as an expert on negotiation and […]

Don’t Send Write-Protected Contracts

A lot of companies send their partners contract drafts with write-protection: with word processing protections that force the user to track changes through redlining. This tells your partners that you don’t trust them to point out all their contract revisions. Why do that when no one needs write protection to avoid under-cover edits? If your […]

The Contract Negotiator’s #1 Tool: MS Word Redlining

This post departs from our usual discussion of contract terms and talks about redlining and redlining software. A redline (sometimes called a “blackline”) provides a quick and easy view of the differences between a new contract draft and an old one. Usually, redlining software underlines added terms and strikes through (crosses out) deleted terms, but […]