Magic Tricks or Viable Solutions? EU/UK/U.S. Personal Data Transfers

This just in: The European Union adopted its “adequacy decision” for the European Union-U.S. Data Privacy Framework (“DPF”). The U.S. launched its process by which companies can “self-certify” to the DPF, for personal data transfers from the EEA. Approval is anticipated (but not finalized) for transfers from the UK and Switzerland. But, EU privacy advocates […]

Advanced Licensing Agreements 2020

On January 27 and 28 of 2020, David Tollen will be speaking at the Advanced Licensing Agreements 2020 conference in San Francisco, from the Practicing Law Institute (PLI). It’s a two-day program on intellectual property licensing and related legal issues, and CLE will be included. David’s session is “Cloud Computing and Big Data” and starts […]

The Big Data Licensing Issue-Spotter

Managing and sharing big data creates technical challenges unlike anything found in traditional data-sharing relationships. But big data contracts don’t involve a whole new field of legal knowledge. If you’ve already worked on cloud computing agreements or traditional data licenses, you have most of the tools needed for big data licensing. (Actually, cloud computing contracts […]