Continuing Legal Education Credit for Tech Contracts Academy® Programs

2023-2024 CLE

Continuing Legal Education Credit (CLE): Tech Contracts Academy is an approved CLE provider in California.

In 2023-2024, CA CLE is available for the following Tech Contracts Academy programs: 

  1. Public Tech Contracts Master Classes, 2 hours CA CLE each.
  2. Public Tech Contracts Academy Webinars, 1 hour CA CLE each, unless otherwise indicated.
  3. In-House Trainings: Contact to discuss potential CA CLE for private trainings. (Additional fees may be required). 


  • If students verify they attended a Tech Contracts Academy Master Class or webinar (live, or watched a recording), and let us know their CA bar number, we provide that to the State Bar of California. 
  • Among other supporting materials, for Tech Contracts Academy Master Classes and webinars we provide CA-styled attendance certificates and evaluation forms. 
  • Tech Contracts Academy’s programs’ CA CLE is for general, not subfield credit (e.g., not ethics); and participatory (unless identified as self-study). 
  • CLE is not available for LinkedInLive talks.
  • Where David Tollen participates in programs arranged by entities other than Tech Contracts Academy, check with those entities to determine if they arranged for CLE. Tech Contracts Academy is not responsible for CLE for such programs.

Licensed outside California? Jurisdictions (and professions) differ as to whether students may seek credit via reciprocity/comity, apply for credit on their own, and if so what is required (including fees). We aren’t currently offering CLE in jurisdictions other than CA, but we do make resources available that may support students’ self-submission/reciprocity efforts with their governing body(ies). Notably, we provide generally-styled certificates of attendance, and the program slides; our presenter’s biography is available on our website; and we announce attendance verification codes. Students (not Tech Contracts Academy) are responsible for any self-submission/reciprocity efforts and results of any such efforts are not guaranteed.

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Last updated: May 17, 2023