Statement of Work Form

Statement of Work Form

Project Title: __________________________________

This Statement of Work Number __ (this “SoW”) is entered into pursuant to the ______________ [date] Master Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) by and between ___________ (“Vendor”) and _____________ (“Customer”).

This SoW is incorporated into the Agreement. In the event of any conflict with this SoW, the main body of the Agreement will govern. The provisions of this SoW govern only the subject matter hereof and not any other subject matter covered by the Agreement. Capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this SoW will have the meanings given in the main body of the Agreement.

  1. Professional Services & Deliverables. Vendor shall provide the following services: [Insert description of professional services. Include technical specifications for any technology to be created, or include reference to specifications attached to this SoW.] _______________
  2. Customer Cooperation. Customer shall reasonably cooperate with Vendor in the provision of services and shall provide the following assistance to Vendor: [Insert description of Customer responsibilities, or insert “N/A” if not applicable.]

III.           Payment. Customer shall pay Vendor as follows: [Insert payment schedule. Insert any payment/invoicing terms not already covered in main body of Agreement.]

  1. Additional Provisions. In addition, the parties agree as follows: [Insert additional terms or “N/A” if not appli­cable.]

This SoW is effective as of the latest date of execution set forth below.

***signature block for both parties***