This Policy was last revised May 2, 2024.

This is the Refund Policy of Tech Contracts Academy® LLC (“Tech Contracts Academy,” “TCA,” “we”) that applies to live public TCA Programs hosted via GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, and/or GoToStage (or such replacement host/platform TCA chooses, in its discretion) – live, public TCA Focused Topic webinars, and live public Tech Contracts Master Class™ webinars, and their recordings made temporarily available afterward upon request to those enrolled in the live Programs, whether through GoToStage or another platform.

We appreciate your business, and want you to be satisfied. Before enrolling in a live Program, or for its recording, please choose carefully, after reviewing the Program description, and the terms and policies both of TCA and of the third party host/platform (available to you upon enrollment).

For inquiries about TCA Programs and this Policy, including if you have difficulty logging into a Program, please reach out to [email protected].

1. No cancellations or refunds are provided if you attend/use any part of a Program (whether live or recorded), or after your Paid Enrollment Term expires (whether or not you used it). Exception: If time remains in your Paid Enrollment Term, and your requested recording access is rendered unavailable (such as because of discontinuance of or by the third party host/platform (for example, it goes out of business, or suspends or terminates access to TCA’s Program), or of TCA’s relationship with it (for example, TCA’s contract with it expires or is terminated), or because a technical issue interferes with the recording), you will be offered access to a substantially similar recorded Program for the remainder of your Term (if available). If a substantially similar recorded Program is unavailable, you will be offered a partial, pro rata refund based on the length of time remaining in your Term.

2. If you are unable to attend or decide you would prefer not to attend a live, public TCA Program, first consider requesting and viewing the recording (where a recording is made available to attendees). We find that meets most of our prospective students’ needs.

3. If however that won’t meet your needs, you may instead, with at least two business days’ advance notice to TCA prior to a live Program, transfer your enrollment to someone else by providing your replacement’s contact information to TCA (provided that you have that person’s consent to do so, he or she agrees to TCA’s terms, and if a discount had been provided your replacement must also satisfy all requirements for it).

4. If neither of these options meets your needs, you may cancel your enrollment and receive a partial refund (described below), so long as you do so prior to the start of the live Program (or any part thereof), and you do not attend/use any of that Program (live or recorded): (a) Understand that if an enrollment is cancelled, TCA incurs out-of-pocket costs (such as credit card processing fees (initial and reversal), potentially fees from its third party host/platform), and expends staff resources. If you cancel, you agree you shall compensate TCA for, and you authorize TCA to deduct from any refund, a Cancellation Service Fee: $20 USD per live TCA Focused Topic webinar, $30 USD per live TCA Master Class webinar, $120 USD per live Master Class webinar Series (amounts subject to change at any time in TCA’s discretion). (b) If you click “cancel” on an e-mail notice from GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting, you shall also immediately e-mail [email protected] to alert TCA of your cancellation. If you do not, your reimbursement (if any) will be delayed.

5. No cancellations/refunds are provided for immaterial technical lapses during Programs or access to recordings, nor for any change of third party host/platform.

6. Tech Contracts Academy reserves the right to cancel or postpone any live Program for any reason, at any time before it begins, including without limitation if a minimum attendance threshold is not met. In the event of such cancellation by TCA, you will be offered your choice of a full refund, or access to a recording of a substantially similar Program (if available). In the event of a postponement by TCA, you will be offered your choice of a full refund, transfer of your enrollment to the Program’s future date, or access to a recording of a substantially similar Program (if available).

7. If you are considering contesting a charge with your payment processor, please reach out to us first to discuss and potentially resolve the situation. If despite this Policy you dispute your payment with your payment processor, your Program enrollment will be terminated, and without limiting TCA’s other remedies you must compensate TCA for its Cancellation Service Fee (see above) plus any additional chargeback fees and expenses incurred by TCA (including from its third party host/platform, if any).